Insurance Claims System Design

The client was a global insurance provider with a presence in over 100 countries. The insurer was undergoing a large scale claims system transformation to bring all claims processing onto a single, global platform. I served as a member of the implementation team, working directly with the end users and client stakeholders to build a solution that was universal, while still satisfying local regulatory requirements.

  • Role

    Business Analyst

  • Deliverables

    Governance Plan, Requirement Documentation, User Flows, Annotated Mockups, Business Case

  • Client

    Global Insurance Provider


As a member of the delivery team, I was responsible for designing and implementing a Global Framework Governance plan. The plan enabled over 30 team members to continuously build and improve the global system, while maintaining a common core solution.

All modifications and enhancements to the existing system required approval from a governance committee, which I helped facilitate.

GFW Governance Plan

During prioritization discussions with the subject matter experts, we identified a high priority request to improve the process for managing documents across systems. I met with end users, stakeholders and developers to understand the business needs and any technical constraints.

Summary of Requirements


Once the initial requirements were validated, I evaluated the workflow users ran to manage files between the claims system and document management system. I then sketched potential solutions to streamline the existing process.

I proposed 3 options to the client stakeholders by mocking up the user interface to illustrate the potential changes.

  • Consolidated Work-list Approach
    Option 1
  • Editable Work-list Grid
    Option 2
  • Editable Work-list Item
    Option 3

Following our walkthrough discussion, we selected an approach that would consolidate documents across the two systems. I worked with the subject matter experts to craft the business case for the requested system improvement.


We estimated that the proposed solution would save the end users at least 40-60 minutes to complete a specific task. Our approach also eliminated 5 redundant steps and the need to navigate between systems.

Solution Workflow